Started in 1991 as Southern Tier Computer, our company has been providing
computer solutions and quality customer service to individuals and businesses
within the area.  In 1994, the company opened its first retail store at
359a Park Avenue in South Corning, New York.  Expanding rapidly
within the community by providing local businesses with computer and networking
solutions, the company currently tailors to the needs of over 100 organizations
and businesses throughout the Southern Tier Region.

Adding to the growth of the company, in May 1998, Southern Tier Computer
opened a second retail store on Upper Front Street in Binghamton, New York.
Less than a year later, the company joined forces with Gateway and was qualified
and approved to sell Gateway Products as a Gateway Authorized Reseller, giving
Southern Tier Computer a significant presence in the area.

In 2004, Southern Tier Computer changed ownership as well as our name to
Southern Tier PC, and are still treating clients as we would like to be treated
ourselves, giving them honest advice, great products and services, the best
value and genuinely caring about their happiness.

Strategically partner with our clients to provide
the highest quality value-added business
solutions while maintaining an environment of
growth and creativity for our employees.

We will always work in an honest and straightforward manner to help both our
consultants and our clients achieve success.  We believe that ethics and integrity
are essential to all business transactions.  We will always work with a sense of
urgency.  We value our relationships and will maintain open lines of communication
between all parties. All information from clients and consultants, unless otherwise
stated, will be treated as confidential.

Southern Tier PC is confident of the ability of the consultants and technicians it
places.  If for any reason you feel that the person we position is not appropriate,
we will replace them immediately without cost to you.

Our computer capabilities are only part of our story.  At Southern Tier PC, we recognize how important quality equipment and support is to you.  While deregulation of the Computer Industry has brought significant benefits through free market competition, it also carries an element of risk associated with choosing the right provider.  Our specialized skills and services listed below are what make us stand above the crowd to deliver the products and services that meet your needs.

Upgrades - Sometimes it makes more sense to upgrade your computer system than it does to replace it with a new one.  We will advise you on your options.  We can upgrade memory, add a bigger hard drive, or change processors in your current system and make it run like a new one.  One of the advantages of purchasing a new system from Southern Tier PC is that you know that it is upgradeable.

System Design - Consultants are available to help you design and install a computer system which will meet your specific needs.  Southern Tier PC is in the business of offering customers the option of personalizing their PCs.

New System Sales - With Southern Tier PC, you really can get everything you want in a multimedia or business system.  Pick the RAM capacity, hard drive, and monitor size in your new PC.  Then you can choose extras like modems, multimedia kits, and networking products.  Plus, we are in the business of special ordering products too, so we don't
have what you need in stock... we'll get it!

Networking Design & Integration - Southern Tier PC staff of highly skilled professionals will give you the support you need to successfully maintain your mission-critical network.  Your problem will be addressed by a team of specialists or directly with the network integrators.  Each step of every call has a built-in time frame for completion of the task which helps us insure your needs are quickly resolved.  Southern Tier PC's consultants will help you choose a networking scheme suitable to your needs and will also install the network and train your staff to use it effectively.

Software Support - Let us help you set up and use your computers the way you need them to work.  We specialize in small companies and their computer systems.  In fact, we are the computer department for a few small companies. Southern Tier PC can help you with your whole computer system.  You don't need to call one person for this piece of software, and one for that printer, and another one for network problems.  If you want to rely on one company to solve all your software needs, contact Southern Tier PC.

On-Site Service - Southern Tier PC provides the most competitive fee structure in the business.  Our pricing allows both home users and businesses the affordability to maintain an on-call technician without putting a strain on their budget.  The company provides the staff with the expertise to handle simple computer repair to the most complex issues such as network diagnostics and troubleshooting. If you want to take your business to the next level, the expert consultants at Southern Tier PC can work with you to find the optimal solution for your company's future.

Consultations - Southern Tier PC is an information technology company.  We are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and keeping our clients on top of the latest technologies.  Our resources and experience places Southern Tier PC at the forefront of Consulting services.  Southern Tier PC consultants specialize in operating systems, networking, database, and Internet implementations.  We provide our staff with significant training opportunities to ensure they can provide our clients with the latest advancements.  Additionally, we have made a commitment to staying abreast of technology through capital investments and beta testing of the latest software products.

Printer Repair - With experience in the printer repair industry, Southern Tier PC is accustomed to handling all manner of printer issues.  We specialize in the repair of Hewlett Packard based printers as well as a wide variety of other brands which include ink and laser.  Should service be required on your printer, a service call will be made at a time which is mutually beneficial for work to be done on site.

Software Solutions - Southern Tier PC offers most of the commercially available software packages from companies such as Microsoft, Corel, IBM, Symantec, Adobe, and Macromedia.  We are proud to also offer software that enables our clients to exchange information most effectively.

Accessories & Supplies - We offer a wide array of components for your computer such as harddrives, memory, mainboards, CD-ROMs, DVD drives, CD and DVD/RWs, multimedia components, modems, and much more!  For printers, we offer a complete line of laser printer, copier, fax, and inkjet supplies, printer ribbons, magnetic media, and more.  We carry everything from paper and mice to monitor arms and SCSI Components.  For your complete range of computer accessories and office supplies, there is only one place to go.

As we're sure you already know, the computer industry and the Internet are exploding all around us, and they show no signs of slowing down.  Chances are that if you own a home computer, you're already familiar with computers in general and the Internet in particular.

You've probably already explored the limitless possibilities in configurations and system designs that many computer retailers and manufacturers have to offer.  In fact, there's a good chance you are ready to purchase a home or business PC right now, but aren't really sure what to buy.  So having a friend in the business, someone who can help you understand the latest technology and give you advice can take the mystery out of shopping for a new computer.

At Southern Tier PC, we offer custom built, state-of-
the-art PCs.  Our computer systems, more commonly
known as the Nexlink computer line, can be designed
to meet the specific needs of the end user.  When you
buy a Nexlink PC direct from us, we build your system
to your exact specifications.

The phrase "my personal computer" actually becomes reality.  Also, when you buy direct you get more computer for your money.  Not only will you cut added costs by eliminating the middleman, you'll be on top with the latest technology.

Sizeable in the eyes of Microsoft, Intel, AMD and other industry leading component manufacturers, Nexlink has had an explosive growth in recent years, which has been driven largely by an unwavering dedication to Healthcare, Education, Automotive, and SMB customers.  Nexlink products and services developed for these strategic markets are distributed through a nationwide network of system integrators, independent software vendors, and IT support service organizations. This strong partner network has allowed Nexlink to grow into a formidable competitor in the competitive technology industry.

On the face of things, buying a new PC is a pretty simple task.  After all, newspapers and magazines are full of adverts shouting about high specs and low prices, while a quick look around your local computer superstore will provide any number of computers, ranging in price from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars.  But if you are budget-conscious, you can avoid parting with more money than you have to by scouting around the refurbished computer market.

At Southern Tier PC we also offer you the option of obtaining refurbished computers by America?s top manufacturers.  Cost is the primary reason people purchase refurbished systems, and we are a leading provider of used and refurbished PCs that will save you money.  These computers are often priced below the average computer system currently sold.  If a refurbished computer sounds like a recipe for problems, think again.  In some cases, the computers being offered can be just a couple of months old and come supplied direct from the original manufacturer, with a full warranty and technical support package.

Purchasing a home or business computer can be a big and sometimes costly
decision.  When purchasing a computer it is likely that you will have a general idea
of what you may like in the computer or how you would like to configure the
computer.  Below is a listing of the various components likely to be found in a
computer and recommendations and tips when considering purchasing a new or
used unit.

Case/Chassis - Purchasing a computer case is generally not an important consideration for users who are purchasing a computer from a computer manufacturer as most manufacturers do not offer different types or colors of cases.  However, before purchasing a computer case you should think out where the computer is going to be placed.  Is it going to be on your desk or your floor?  Is it going to have enough space at its location with the monitor and other peripherals possibly next to it?  And also, look at the availability of upgrading any aspects of that case in the future.

Hard Drive - Hard drives have and always will be an important consideration to think about when purchasing a new computer or used computer.  The hard drive will be the destination of all your files and information, and if that drive is to become full, that drive will need to be replaced or another drive will need to be added to the computer. When looking at the space of the hard drive, always get the maximum size hard drive, considering you will eventually always run out of space.  When purchasing a hard disk drive, it is important to verify the hard disk drive is suitable for your uses.

CPU/Processor - The type of the processor can be a very important consideration for users who are building a computer.  The type of the processor is not as important as the compatibility with the motherboard.  Today, there are two main processor manufacturers: AMD and Intel.  Each of these companies have good and bad reviews, and really each of them are very close in compatibility and reliability.  When considering any of the above company's product, ensure that a motherboard that is compatible with that product is also purchased.  For example, if an Intel motherboard is purchased or currently installed into the computer, you will want to consider an Intel Processor.

Memory - Determine the amount of memory included in the computer as well as verify if that memory can be upgraded in the future.  Computer memory is one of the most commonly purchased and performed computer upgrades.  The more memory in the computer, the more efficient the computer will run.  Before purchasing computer memory, it is important that you ensure that there are available slots on the motherboard for the memory to be added into.  If there are no available slots, memory must be removed before the new memory can be added into the computer.

Sound & Video Cards - While this may surprise some, video and sound cards can make or break a computer when it comes to playing games.  However, the majority of all computer users will find that most standard sound cards will suite their needs.  Most games today require additional video memory as well as special video modes.  With a video card with little video memory or without these modes, the computer may be unable to play these games efficiently.  Some users purchase more advanced sounds cards which will increase the amount of speakers that can be used to enhance the sound quality and capabilities of their computer.

Modems & Home Networking - The modem is becoming not as important as it has been in the past with the upcoming spread of broad band.  When looking to purchase a computer, a modem should not be an important consideration unless broad band is not available in your area.  With the increase of more than one computer in the house and with broadband Internet solutions, a network card is becoming an important consideration when purchasing a computer.  Network cards allow users to connect to other computers and have small networks in their home or office.

When looking at purchasing different types of computers, you will likely hear different stories, some good and some bad.  Regardless if the story is good or bad, these stories are always based off of the experience of that user.  While it may be true that the user had a bad or terrible experience with that computer, all computer manufacturers have had users who have had a bad experience and there is no such thing as a bad or perfect computer manufacturer.

So the most important aspect in buying a computer from any company is service. Service is an important consideration to look at when looking to purchase a computer, new or used.  The service is how many companies describe the repair of a computer if it or a component within it is to become broken.  What type of service is offered?  Is the service onsite, meaning a technician will come to your location to replace or fix a bad component.  If onsite is not offered, what is and for how long?

Unfortunately, like anything, it is possible to be tricked or for computer companies to scam you.  When purchasing a computer, ensure it comes with legal software.  Many end-users or small computer companies who build or sell computers may not provide you with legal copies of the software which is illegal.  Verify that the software that came with your computer is on a standard CD and not a burnt CD.  Ensure that the product you are purchasing is what you are paying for.  It has been known that computer companies may list a processor being a specific speed, however, actually have a totally different speed of processor in the computer.

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Electronics are made with valuable resources such as precious metals, engineered plastics, glass, and other materials. All of which require energy to manufacture and can be hazardous to human health and the environment if they are not properly managed.  When equipment is thrown away, these resources cannot be recovered and additional polution will be generated to manufacture new products out of virgin materials.

Due to declining prices of new equipment, rapid obsolescence and the large amount of equipment that is missing vital irreplaceable parts or just doesn't work--the vast majority of equipment, about 90%, is disassembled and recycled on a materials basis.  Although consumers are currently exempt from penalty for improper disposal, everyone is encouraged to be environmentally conscious.

Federal and State regulations regarding electronics waste
specifically require businesses and organizations to dispose of non-working and obsolete equipment in an environmentally sound manner.  These regulations are meant to prevent selected high technology products from ending up in landfills or incinerators where toxic elements could leach into the water stream or release toxin dioxins into the air.  Businesses may be liable for improper disposal and may be subject to penalties.

Household generated obsolete and non-working computer/electronic equipment may be dropped off to Southern Tier PC during our regular business hours.

Accepted Equipment - Computers, Monitors, Typewriters, Terminals, Printers, Cell Phones, PDAs, Circuit Boards, Electronic Scrap, Fax Machines, Telecommunications Equipment, Computer Accessories, Video Game Systems, Audio/Visual Equipment, Cables & Wiring, Batteries, and UPS Units.

Not Accepted - Fluorescent Bulbs, Televisions, Kitchen or Personal Appliances (toasters, hair dryers, etc.).

Sponsored by
Regional Computer Recycling & Recovery
and its alliance partner Southern Tier PC

If you're new to the computer industry and need advice on what to purchase, the dedicated sales team at Southern Tier PC will assist you in every way.  Each system we sell is personalized for each client, from the consumer to the business customer.  From affordable quality PCs to service after the sale, Southern Tier PC is your local computer sales, service, and support company for all your computing needs.
At Southern Tier PC we recognize how important quality equipment and support is to your business and how serious you might consider the decision to switch to another provider or even build a partnership with one for the first time.  With a team of industry trained professionals, Southern Tier PC specializes in making sure that you get the highest quality service and support as well as dedication to your needs and expectations.
Our specialized skills and highly trained support staff are what make us stand above the crowd to deliver the products and services that meet your specific needs.  When high-tech help is needed you can rest assured that the highly skilled employees at Southern Tier PC can handle all your problems. Knowledgeable customer service and a technical support staff are available to assist you with simple and complex issues.
Southern Tier PC provides a broad range of computers and support services to home users.  As a full service computer support provider, we offer: on-site repair, system upgrades, system designs, new computer sales, networking solutions,
and prompt and courteous service.
At Southern Tier PC we recognize how important quality equipment and support is to your business.  We stand above the crowd to deliver the products and services that meet your specific computing needs. We provide multi-dimensional solutions
to complex problems.
From affordable quality PCs to
service after the sale, Southern
Tier PC is your local computer
sales, service, and support
company for all your computing

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